Nissan workers in Mississippi vote on whether to unionize

Aug 2, 2017

After an intense campaign that spilled out into the broader community, 3,700 employees at Nissan's Mississippi plant must decide whether they want a union

CANTON, Miss. — A much-watched vote on whether to form a union at Nissan Motor Co.'s factory in Mississippi starts before dawn on Thursday.

Some 3,700 employees at the plant in Canton will decide whether or not they want to be represented by the United Auto Workers, which has never been able to fully unionize a foreign-owned carmaker in the southern United States.

Supporters say the UAW could prevent arbitrary treatment of workers by managers at the Japanese-owned plant, and bargain for better working conditions and pay. Nissan managers say the union would be bad for the plant's competitiveness, and leading Mississippi politicians say unions have made trouble for carmakers in Detroit.

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